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Welcome to Best Price kitchen goods!

New Products include...

SilverStone "Coloron" Xtra by DUPONT Non-Stick pots and pans. Gift boxed in an 8 pc set! Includes: 1 qt covered sauce pan, 2 qt covered sauce pan, 5 qt covered roaster, 7" sauce pan and a 7" skillet. Great for college kids or a new home owner! Un-beatable price of $259.95

5 Year Warranty Included!

Do you have bad tasting water? The Model 1000 5 stage water filtration filter goes under your sink and has a faucet of it's own for your convenience. Turn bad or smelly water in to crystal clear great tasting water! Removes Chlorine, Lead, Chlordane, Benzene, Organic Contaminates and other impurities! Filter lasts for 3,000 gallons of water filtration! Replacement Filters available! $184.95 (whole unit!)

Need new kitchen knives? Check out the new Diamond Cut models that are guaranteed to cut through a hammer head and still flawlessly slice a tomato! Never needs sharpening! Great for new kitchens or RV's etc. Lifetime Warranties on All Diamond Cut knives!
5 pc assorted knife set in a wood block-$18.95

6 pc steak knife set in a wood block-$13.95

9 pc assorted knife set in a wood block-$35.95

15 pc assorted knife set in a wood block-$49.95

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